Will Toma Belev be held responsible?

Will Toma Belev be held responsible?
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After the Greens and Toma Belev continuously repeated for 10 years the lie that there is no problem to construct lifts and ski slopes in Vitosha, finally Belev himself admitted that this is not the case.

On Tuesday, the „ecologist“ most impudently stated to BNR: „Yes, the Vitosha Management Plan is restrictive for the construction of new ski slopes, lifts and facilities – it is not allowed”… Well, now will Toma Belev bear the responsibility for Vitosha or those state and municipal institutions that used to believe his lies for a decade, asks Trud newspaper.

Who will now bear the responsibility for the fact that Vitosha is ruined, the lifts dating back to the 50s of the last century are squeaking and barely moving? The losses for the city’s economy are estimated to be tens, even hundreds of millions of BGN. How many children could learn to ski in Vitosha?

A few days ago, Prime Minister Borisov gave a heavy promise to IOC chief Dr. Thomas Bach that Sofia will apply for the Youth Winter Olympics in 2024. I hope this will inspire the Parliament for the necessary legislative changes and Vitosha will become the one that is needed for all Bulgaria – accessible to tourists, with new, modern facilities and preserved nature – an olympic mountain!

The Romansky Lift was built in 1968 by the French company Fives Lille Cail. In 2001 the company changed the subject of its activity. At the moment, the lift is stopped because there are no spare parts for it – there is no one to produce them. It cannot be replaced with a new one, because the Spatial Planning Act considers it construction works banned according to the currently effective Management Plan.

Source: blitz.bg

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