DISCLOSURE: The Green grant-utilizers covered protest of the mothers as well

The Green grant-utilizers, who have been spending money from the Soros Foundation for years in order to prevent the development of tourism in Bulgaria, this time have decided to utilize ... Прочетете още →
Лили Ангелова

Лили Ангелова вбеси майките! Отказва да ваксинира детето си (Вижте как я редят)

Лили Ангелова е твърдо против ваксините, отказва да имунизира 6-месечния си син Бившата тв клюкарка ... Прочетете още →

Italy develops ski resorts in UNESCO, the Greens do not allow this in Bulgaria

The high altitude of the Dolomites guarantees good amount of snow throughout the season. The northern Italian Alps, also called Dolomites, are the home of some of the best ski destinations ... Прочетете още →
Тони Стораро и Фики

Тони Сторари и Фики въртят любовници – приятелки (Всичко за скандалните афери)

Тони Стораро и Фики кръшкат на жените си с две приятелки Тони и Фики Стораро се обзаведоха с млади гаджета ... Прочетете още →

Published in fakti.bg: A lift is under construction and in Switzerland, while it is not allowed in Bulgaria

Published in fakti.bg: Facebook comment by Vladimir Karolev. After 2.5 years of construction, investments of CHF 52 million, 38 contractors and subcontractors, the world’s highest ... Прочетете още →

Green organizations and politicians put pressure on the court

The fictional green organizations, whose leaders are also emerging as politicians from Democratic Bulgaria party, have started to put pressure on the court in connection with the construction ... Прочетете още →

Here are the faces of the „spontaneous“ protest – Yulia Berberian, Toma Belev and Peter Kardzhilov

The protest of the mothers was used by Yulia Berberian – convicted for deceptions involving exchange of ruined studios for land in Borisova Garden; Toma Belev – the ecologist famous ... Прочетете още →

Bansko loses BGN 158 mln. a year because of the Greens

The loss for the state budget may account to nearly BGN 2 mln. Unless the green racketeering to our top resort stops and the necessary changes are made, the most undisputed of which ... Прочетете още →

Ecologists cause more damages than the disasters, says Neno Dimov

However, the appeal of projects is an element of the state of law; the problem is in the morals of environmentalists, says the Minister Environmentalists cause more damage to Bulgaria ... Прочетете още →

Mr. Tsatsarov, when will you address the green oligarchs?

Arrests have started and continued for a week so far! And even more… The Minyovs, the Valchovs, the Banevs, and many more of the like were arrested. Others, like Prokopiev, continue ... Прочетете още →

Ventsi Mitsov snaps at the chairperson of the pre-election headquarters of The Greens Political Party!

Ventsi Mitsov, a musician and public figure, draws a bead on the chairperson of the pre-election headquarters of The Greens Political Party. Who have dared to discredit on the Internet ... Прочетете още →
Ивана от Женени от пръв поглед и Мерал

Ивана от Женени от пръв поглед вбеси Мерал с муцки и кифленско поведение (Вижте първия им скандал)

Ивана от Женени от пръв поглед не остави и за секунда телефона си по време на медения месец с Мерал Ивана ... Прочетете още →
Рая Пеева

Рая Пеева изхвърли побойника Явор Бахаров от рождения си ден (Снимки от празника й)

Рая Пеева избра да празнува в парка, без гаджето си, който я ошамари През уикенда актрисата от младежкия ... Прочетете още →