Simeonov: „The “Greens“ racketeering the state for personal gains

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The lack of a ski lift in Bansko will harm the economy in the region

Together or not at the European elections. This is the question that the United Patriots have to solve now. The topic was on the agenda of the meeting of the small coalition yesterday, but the leader of „Attack“ Volen Siderov not attended the said meeting.

Does this mean that he is preparing to enter alone the battle for the EP, the NFSB leader Valery Simeonov does not intend to predict.

„We have no decision whether to come together or separately, everything is being discussed, but we have no final solution,“ he commented.

According to him, the different positions that the NFSB and IMRO have for the decision to give Parliament a mandate to the government to negotiate with the US on the F-16 purchase for the Bulgarian Air Forces do not mean there are problems in the coalition.

„This is not the first time we have different positions and with IMRO we have been working for 3-4 years and many times we had different opinions, but that did not interfere with our work,“ he insisted.

Simeonov also commented on the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court, which repealed the amendments to the Park management plan adopted by the government at the end of 2017 and thus in practice prohibited the construction of the second lift in Bansko.

According to him, this will have a bad effect on the economy in the region as well as the livelihood of the people there, because they rely heavily on their work in winter in Bansko. Simeonov believes that the goal of the „greens“ is racketeering the state for personal gains.


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