See the feast of Toma Belev and a group of environmentalists in Plovdiv

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Toma Belev and company have devoted themselves to environmental songs and dances.

Toma Belev and a group of environmentalists gave themselves to a noisy joy, lined with plenty of food and drink. The occasion is 30 years of Green Balkans. Belev has been chairman of this NGO’s MB for many years.

This same organization received 3 million euros and another BGN 3 million, a total of about BGN 9 million to make Natura 2000 in Bulgaria. They did the job so that we became world champions with 34% of the country’s territory. Nothing can be done already on this 1/3 of Bulgaria: neither tilling or seeding, or tourism or agriculture, or construction or anything else.

Money from programs and from the budget can be only collected, supposedly for ecology and nature conservation. This organization also has the highest number of lawsuits against investors, businesses, municipalities and the state. Surely the money they make to hinder people allow them to feast. Not to mention that some of photos Toma Belev has uploaded in his profile showed not so environmental appearance of the feasters.


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