Sandov initiated a fight with regard to the lawsuit for Pirin

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Threats for dismissal of employees

Borislav Sandov, acting as an ecologist and co-chairperson of The Greens Political Party, was involved in a fight with the lawyers of the MoEW and the Council of Ministers, as witnesses of the incident say.

The protector of Pirin, born in Zlatograd, is known for his brat acts. The lawsuit brought by The Greens against the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 28 December 2017, which allowed the construction of the second cabin lift in Bansko, was also attended by Toma Belev.

These two and other „environmentalists“ also snapped at experts engaged by the Council of Ministers and threatened them with dismissals. There were about 30 ecologists in the courtroom, which were organized in Facebook to exert silent pressure on the court.

Persons, who attended the proceedings explained that the complaints of the Greens are very weak, not sufficiently motivated, and if the court manages to withstand the pressure, it must leave the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 28 December 2017 in force.


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