Neno Dimov: We lose BGN 1 million per day because of the „greens“

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Environmentalists are delaying motorway projects

„Mark Girardelli acquired „Yulen“ in 2015-2016, and he led conversations and negotiations since 2012 – it was a long process. I am not competent to answer if there are conflicts of interest,“ explained the Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov in the show „This morning“ on bTV.

We will ask for an independent international consultant to review all points on the Yulen concession contract, he added.
Vitosha has the same problems as Bansko, noted the Minister of Environment and Water. „Vitosha is absolutely dormant as a resort, it has to be returned to Sofia citizens, but the chance to have a winter youth Olympiad is also a chance to develop Bulgaria as a ski destination,“ said Neno Dimov.

„The poorest people in the country live in the mountainous and semi-mountainous regions, it is a way for local communities to use the resources they are given. The Dolomites, which is the national park of Italy and under the auspices of UNESCO, has over 1200 km of tracks and hundreds of facilities,“ pointed out Neno Dimov.

„The Greens are also attacking a Midzhur project that has been finally resolved by the Supreme Administrative Court to authorize the construction of a ski zone linked to the municipality – one of the poorest areas in Vidin and Montana. Here we see a purposeful attempt by these politicians to fail all possible investment intentions in Bulgaria.

„There are a number of projects that have been delayed – the Struma Motorway, the Ruse to Veliko Tarnovo Motorway, as well as other disputes, from which Bulgaria loses BGN 1 million per day,“ said Minister Neno Dimov.


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