Angel Dzhambazki: Green racketeers left without the favorite gum in the mouth

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The MEP commented on the appearance of Mark Girardelli as the majority owner of „Yulen“

The Austrian skier and five-time World Cup winner Marc Girardelli surprisingly announced that he is the majority owner of the “Yulen” company and the concession in Bansko. On the air of “Hello Bulgaria” this morning, he explained that he had acquired his shares in 2016, but declined to say by whom bought it and who the other owners of the company were.

„I do not know why Mark Girardelli appears now and I do not know if it’s important when. The important thing is that a favorite gum of green racketeers was taken out of their mouth. Their favorite stories for speculation on this topic and stumbling the development of Bulgarian tourism, are nonsensical. He is a name in the skiing and no one can come up against it with arguments,“ said the MEP Angel Dzhambazki in the show „Plus-Minus. The comment after the news“.

He expressed hope the second cableway to be finally build, to develop infrastructure and to connect with Dobrinishte, which will bring about the development of Bulgarian tourism and all the people who live there.

„If they have the opportunity to work, they will not poach and cut down the forest. Which is greener – to have development and income, or to poach? „Dzhambazki asked.


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